How You Can Create a Full-Time Income by Promoting 3-5 Great Fitness Products as an Affiliate?

Is this page or video worth you time?

…that is what I would be thinking right about now if I was in your shoes. I mean, there are countless affiliate programs…thousands of fitness courses, etc.

Why should you learn affiliate marketing from me?

  • I was a full-time affiliate before I had my own products <—most people attempting to teach affiliate marketing do not have this background.
  • I do NOT believe in the “shock and awe” product launch model that most fitness product owners are using these days.
  • I went from zero to 6 figures without any JV’s and from 100% FREE traffic methods.
  • I do NOT believe in the “promote every new product to your list” model …that so many other guys in the fitness niche teach.

I Teach the Polar Opposite of Joining in on a Typical Product Launch Frenzy.

It doesn’t feel good as a newsletter subscriber to have 4-5 different people all promoting the same product to you on the same day.

It feels wrong to do this as a list owner as well.

I made this mistake in the past. I know some people teach this and make good money from doing so…but to me it felt like I was selling a tiny bit of my soul for money …every time I did this.

“My hope is that you consider adding Visual Impact for Women into your portfolio of products that you believe in and promote.”
...I will still teach you how to become a successful affiliate, either way.

How many fat loss products does someone need? Or diet products?

It hard to give an exact answer, but my guess is that they don’t need every new product that gets released. Promoting too many products confuses people who trust you…and it lessens your credibility.

My suggestion is to promote 1 Outstanding Core Product per category.

  • 1 muscle building for men product.
  • 1 resistance training for women product.
  • 1 diet product.
  • 1 body weight training product.
  • 1 fat loss routine (circuit or cardio) product.
  • 1 abs product.
  • 1 home gym product.

Note: You can build a very solid 6 figure yearly income from just a few products. I was able to walk away from my job mainly due to income from 3 fitness products I promoted as an affiliate.

The Affiliate Review Site model works (for now).

I can teach you the review model as well, but I see it as a short term deal. The review site model is becoming tougher and tougher, because it spreads you thin over dozens of products. You will never be able to compete long-term with someone who goes deeper into the fitness niche.

As competition gets fierce the review site model becomes less and less viable long-term. My guess is that 90% of affiliates are spread thin over dozens of sites, products, and niches. You will smoke them by doing the exact opposite!

Promoting Lousy Generic Products Will Kill Your Chance of Long-Term Success Online.

You need to be memorable.
You need to provide people with entertaining content.
You need to be the one who recommended the killer product.
…and you need to be cool!

People underestimate the importance of the “coolness factor”.

The way to get “street cred” in the fitness niche is provide free and extremely helpful free information that will genuinely help people. The way to become even cooler and more relevant…it to also only promote premium products that have that same “coolness” factor you are aiming for.

You need to become a guide to the Cool Stuff in fitness!

I Believe that Visual Impact for Women has a Coolness” Factor That is Lacking in 99% of Other Fitness Courses.

I’m NOT saying that I am the only person who has created great products that are also cool. What I am saying is that if you recommend bland and boring information to visitors on your blog, you will eventually be forgotten.

The products also need to be outstanding and exceptional.

If a product doesn’t deliver kick-butt information that helps the end-user, you should not promote it. Even if it pays $100 per sales & converts like crazy, etc…if it doesn’t provide great value to the customer you should skip it.

Both my men’s and women’s programs fit all the above criteria.

These two products are as unique, and valuable as they come. I would love to train you how to include these as part of your portfolio…as well as help you sell other products that aren’t mine.

I get a kick out of seeing people succeed online for the first time :)

I know what works today as an affiliate…in 2012. I am not a big fitness “guru” who has lost touch with what it takes to make it on the Internet today. I love being in the trenches working along side other affiliates and assisting them to make their first $1,000+ per month online.

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