(Video) – How the Fitness Industry is Training Women to Look Like Smaller Versions of Men & …What You Can Do About It!

From the Desk of: Rusty Moore, Seattle WA
Re: Your Workout for the Slim Feminine Physique

Why has the concern of women…getting Big and Bulky from weight training…been largely ignored by trainers?

Women are told…”You don’t have to worry about putting on as much muscle as a man and bulking up, because you have much less testosterone than a man.”

So why do I hear these complaints from women on a regular basis?

    “I enjoy working out, but my legs tend to bulk up”.
    “I like the way training makes me feel, but hate the way it makes me look”.
    “I have tried training in the gym and it simply makes me look bulky.”

    Perhaps Countless Women Around the World Are Simply Imagining Things!

    -OR- maybe they should get used to having a little more muscle than what they want.

    After all , their personal trainer tells them that fit women should look muscular.

    • …But what if a she doesn’t want “ripped deltoids”?
    • What if she doesn’t want a “V” shaped back?
    • What if she wants to be fit, but still look stunning in a dress?

    There is Nothing Wrong With Wanting to be Fit While Still Looking 100% Feminine.

    I can show you exactly how to get in tremendous shape, look and feel better than ever, without adding excess muscle. Over the past 10 years, I’ve mastered the technique of “slightly increasing muscle tone” to a body part while “decreasing the size” of that same body part.

      This is NOT your typical high-rep for muscle tone type advice.
      This is NOT “cookie cutter” fitness info.
      This is NOT mainstream!

    Who the heck am I and why would you want to listen to me -vs- the typical fitness info?

    If I was in your position I’d be thinking the same thing right about now…

    My Name is Rusty Moore: I’ve been a fitness author the past few years as well as a devoted gym member for 24+ years.

    Unfortunately after 12 years of training, I looked a bit like a “gym guy”. Although I wasn’t as big as a pro bodybuilder, it was blatantly obvious that I trained all the time.

    My legs became so big that I could only fit into over-sized baggy jeans and I was no longer able to fit into nice dress pants.

    I never had the intentions of looking like a typical overly-muscular and bulky “Gym Guy”.

    I wanted to have a decent amount of muscle while still being able to look “GQ”. At around that same time (in 1999), I saw the movie Fight Club. I was impressed by how Brad Pitt was in outstanding shape, while still being able to look hip and stylish in his regular clothes.

    It took me from 1999-2001 to get the look I desired.

    In roughly a year and a half I accomplished the goal of leaning down. It took me a long time, because there wasn’t any mainstream literature on losing muscle mass on purpose. From 2001 going forward I perfected the technique of getting lean without adding excessive size. Guys were coming up to me on a regular basis and asking for workout advice. I would do my best to explain the concepts, but it was hard to do in a simple 10 minute conversation.

    In 2007 I Decided to Start a Blog About Getting the Lean “Hollywood Look”.

    I named it Fitness Black Book and I wrote about my 7+ years of intense research and findings when it came to getting fit and toned without adding additional size. The blog was criticized by the bodybuilding sites, because I was talking about foreign concepts.

    Their thoughts…“who in their right mind wouldn’t want to get as big as possible?”

    I knew for a fact that there was a LARGE group of men and women who wanted to get lean without having the physique of a typical “gym person”…but I was NOT ready for how big the demand was for this information!

    Within a Short Time My Little Blog Was Getting Staggering Amounts of Traffic.

    It hit over 3 million visitors in its 2nd full year and pushing into the 5 million visitor per year range, this year. This was not due to me simply writing articles about my methods…

    (I just happened to be the first person to get the ball rolling on this sizzling-hot topic.)

    This site has become a massive entity & mastermind about the lean Hollywood Look.

    It has grown WAY beyond what I have contributed. Information pours in at a fast rate…Last time I checked, the blog has received 20,000+ comments (all of them manually approved by me).

    I believe that this blog has become the largest resource online devoted to this topic.

    (Again…this isn’t about what I have done…I just got things started.)

    Scattered over the 300+ posts, 20,000+ comments, and 4 years of conversations I’ve had with the top minds in the industry…is a massive amount of cutting-edge information. In 4 years, I have absorbed an almost unreal amount of information about getting a lean and sleek physique.

    So after 4 years running the #1 resource online for getting the lean Hollywood Look

    …I wanted to take all of the cutting-edge information and collective knowledge gathered by this large mastermind group…and compile and it into the ultimate workout routine for women.

    Introducing the First Comprehensive Women’s Course…100% Targeted to Getting the Slim, Fit and Feminine Physique!

    Some Highlights From the 89 Page – Visual Impact for Women (Main Manual)

    • A recent study which shows that Training to Failure, regardless of rep range, can lead to an Increase in Muscle Size.
    • High Rep Training is likely to create “a pump” in the muscles. This is great for developing  Large VASCULAR Muscles <— is that what you are aiming for?
    • Why Adding Muscle to Burn Body Fat is a backward approach to getting lean…What to do instead.
    • Although CARDIO is getting slammed by the fitness industry, it is still the “Go-To” Fat Loss Method for celebrities who need to get lean in a hurry.
    • A Dieting Approach that works FLAWLESSLY, whether you like to eat 1-2 times per day…or over 6 times per day.
    • Lifting with Lower Reps, short-of-failure…not only avoids” the pump”…it is the Best Way to firm up a muscle WITHOUT adding size to that muscle.
    • Why Increasing Tension when lifting —>Will Increase Muscle TONE…& Increasing Fatigue when lifting —>Will Increase Muscle SIZE.
    • How to strategically combine High Intensity Interval Training with Steady State Cardio…to predictably Burn Body Fat on Demand.
    • The difference between Primary Cardio Machines and Secondary Cardio Machines…the ideal Cardio Routine should include both types.
    • Free Weights, Machines, Your Body Weight, or Resistance Bands can all provide a fantastic workout, if you have the proper Workout Design.
    • How focusing on a Weekly Calorie Deficit not Daily Calories allows you to lose weight while mixing in High Calorie Meals on a regular basis.
    • A study which PROVES that skipping meals will NOT slow your metabolism <—and a study which shows benefits of occasional fasts.
    • “Dieting for an Event”…a Detailed aggressive Diet Plan for Losing 10-12 Pounds (or More) in 2 Weeks. WARNING…this is effective but tough!
    • A “Go-To” 4 Day Per Week Workout for the Slim “Hollywood Look”. (This is the routine that both me & my girlfriend use most of the year.)
    • A Special “3-Day-Per-Week” Workout Routinefor women who are busy or simply like to workout a little less than 4 times per week.
    • How to Tweak and Customize these to create countess variations and create the PERFECT routine for the exact look you are after.
    • How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose if you have an overdeveloped body part.
    • …and MUCH more!

    My Goal is For You to Learn &  Master the Skill of Creating the Precise Look You Desire.

    Although I lay out detailed workout routines that you can follow to the “T”…my goal is to teach you how to analyze and adapt your routine as your body changes.

    I Actually Encourage You to Change and Personalize These Routines!

    This isn’t just about blindly following the routines in this manual. I want to help you become your own ultimate personal trainer. Once you understand how everything fits together, you will be able to tweak these routines to perfection. This manual is meant to empower you.

    These workouts can be done in a gym setting…or your can Train from  Home.

    I have designed the Home Workout Routines to be done 100% with 1 set of Adjustable Dumbbells + 1 Adjustable Bench. This is all you need for a complete home gym.

    The Gym Routines will make use of more pieces of equipment.

    If you do have a gym membership, the sky is the limit on equipment. I give you exercise “suggestions”…but you can make use of whatever extravagant equipment your gym offers!

    A Commercial Gym will also give you much more options in the way of cardio equipment.

    I do have several suggestions of how to do cardio outside, but it is hard to beat the selection of cardio machines that a commercial gym offers. If money isn’t an issue, a treadmill for the home is money well-spent.

    And to make sure you become a Cardio Ninja Master

    Fat Torching Cardio –  A 12 Week Advanced “Progressive Cardio” Program…Helping You to Burn as Much Body Fat As You Desire.

    Some Highlights from the 12 Week – Fat Torching Cardio Program

    • Why Cardio Machines allow you to adjust and fine-tune intensity levels in a way that can NOT be accomplished with most forms of circuit training.
    • How Performing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a fasted state, will increase your body’s release of its natural Fat Burning Homone.
    • Adjusting the Work-to-Rest Ratio to ensure your body doesn’t adapt to your Interval Cardio Routine.
    • A Type of “Aerobic Interval”  which increases your VO2 Max…Making your body more efficient at burning fat regardless of the activity.
    • Adjusting the Work-to-Rest Ratio of Intervals to either focus more on Oxygen Debt or more on HGH Release (and what this means to you).
    • A BRUTAL Pyramid Interval Routine to use, if you have a StepMill machine in your gym. This one Increases Aerobic Capacity in a big way!
    • Why adding Steady State Cardio after HIIT is a way to take advantage of a limited Fat Burning ‘Window of Opportunity’.
    • 4 Progressively Tougher Versions of HIIT…3 Progressive “Hybrid Cardio” Routines <— for Greater Fat Burning as you become more Advanced.
    • …you will Quickly become the Cardio Expert in your gym!

    You Will Be Able to Systematically and Predictably Drop Body Fat on Demand.

    There’s a reason that the actresses in Hollywood use cardio to get ready for Movie roles.

    Cardio is one of the few things that can be increased to a large degree. Cardio is the only variable in the weight loss equation that you can increase when everything else is “maxed out”.

      You can only reduce the calories so much before your become malnourished.
      You can only lift weight so much before your body becomes broken down.
      You can only do circuits so many times before you become over-trained.

    When preparing for movie roles, actors and actresses have been known to use 2-3 hour sessions of cardio each day to get lean in a hurry <—However I’m NOT saying that is ideal!

    Fat Torching Cardio – is a much more efficient approach.

    There shouldn’t be any reason to do hours of cardio each day. This is why cardio is criticized so hard by the fitness industry right now. “Traditional Cardio” takes up a lot of time! The approach I teach you is much more effective than traditional cardio.

    I’ve Also Included a Detailed 229 Page Exercise Demonstration Manual.

    Since I encourage using a variety of exercises, I felt the need to include this ebook.

    This the same ebook that I created for my men’s course, Visual Impact Muscle Building.  It is a monster ebook that will give you a bunch of ideas on different ways you can work each body part.

    This ebook also has “Clickable Navigation”

    So you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages…it has a way for you to quickly navigate from the front page, to exercise selections broken down by body part. It also has the workout routines broken down by exercise and you simply click on the particular exercise you want to research.

    Bottom line…this is a very user-friendly and useful resource!

    Finally, You Will Get Printable Workout Charts for All of The Workout Routines.

    This is simple a “no-frills” printable workout book.

    Each individual workout routine is listed on its own dedicated page. This way you will simply need to print out one page at a time (to save ink and paper). This one is keep minimalistic on purpose.

    After a short time, you will memorize each workout routine.

    The idea is to internalize exactly what you need to do and memorize your workouts. My best guess is that you will only need to bring this chart with you the first 2-3 weeks after starting your new workout routine.

    I Decided to Price This Comprehensive Women’s Course for Less Than the Cost of 1 Single Session With the Average Personal Trainer.

    I was contemplating charging $77 because this course wound up being significantly larger than my men’s course…but I didn’t think it would be fair to charge more for the women’s course.

    I decided on ONE single payment of $47.

    This is slightly less than $50…which happens to be a typical rate for the average personal trainer.

    I did this on purpose, because Visual Impact for Women…was formed on the collective knowledge of hundreds…if not thousands of people.

    What you gain here “SMOKES” – 1 hour spent with even the best personal trainer!

    I am NOT saying that to be mean or put down personal trainers AT ALL…Heck, it would take me at least 3-4 hours to teach you all of these principles in person and I live and breath this info.


    This course was a long-time in the making & I’m Super-Proud of how it turned out.

    …and I honestly think you will Dig It!

    Click The Add to Cart Button below to place your secure order.

    Visual Impact for Women…where I’ll receive INSTANT access to the first comprehensive women’s course…100% dedicated to the slim and lean, feminine physique.

    I also understand that for this one low price of $47, I will get
    LIFETIME free upgrades. Every time a new version of this
    course comes out, I will get the newest version free of charge.

    AND I understand that this investment is backed by a no quibble,
    no questions asked 60 guarantee
    …if I don’t feel I have received
    true value and am well on the way to making dramatic
    improvements in my physique, I will receive all my money back.

    On that basis I’m ready to begin my training by clicking the
    ‘Add To Cart’ button below…


    Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

    Here’s to getting a slim, fit and feminine physique!

    My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Customer satisfaction is my number 1 priority. I know you will get great results with the Visual Impact for Women course, if you put it to use. That being said, if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason in the first 60 days, I will offer you a full refund.